When you hear the word ‘hospitality’ what do you think of? Do you envision someone with an apron that always welcomes you to their home? Do you think of someone who is on a greeting committee or someone who is generous? All of these are ways we can view hospitality, however how can you practically add this characteristic to your life? We are here to provide 3 ways to display hospitality in your home.

Creating A Welcoming Space

Everyone has the potential of being hospitable. However, if you strive to be hospitable, you will need a space to do so. Thus, it’s important to consider how inviting is your home to those who do not reside there. Do you have a place allocated for shoes and coats? Is your restroom easy to find? Is it clear where they may go after entering your home? How does the layout of furniture and space make someone feel? All of these are good questions to ask yourself while evaluating how you can maximize your home for hospitality within your walls.

Have a Favor or Activity Available

We have all been to gatherings where we get there and are not sure what to do with ourselves as we wait for all the guests to arrive. When you are preparing your home to feel hospitable and welcoming to guests, it’s important to be sure that guests have something to do the entire time of the event. This can be having a photo album to look through, a little favor they can look at, or a treat to snack on.

Inviting Guests

The final way to show hospitality is by simply opening your home up to guests. These events can be big and small, and yet ultimately have the same purpose: to cultivate community. Christmas Gatherings with dozens of delicious dishes is just as important as a game night with homemade nacho dip. It’s important to be generous and be willing to open up your home as you’re able to create memories and show others that you care.

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