It’s hard to believe December is upon us and that the holidays are officially here! This time of year brings many emotions, feelings and to-do lists to our minds. It becomes very easy to get overwhelmed by all of it that we begin missing the reason for the season. Even if the holiday festivities, parties, and Christmas services are consuming your schedule, decorating for the holidays in your home should be enjoyable. We are here to provide three helpful tips on how to make your home cozy and Christmas-like for the holidays in a practical way.

The Art of Color

It’s important to note that color is very powerful. Our recommendation is to observe around your home color palettes you have throughout and simply find Christmas decor in that color-family. For example, if you have earth and wood-tones in your home with a light sage color, consider using light green Christmas ornaments and burlap. Instead of feeling pressure to create a brand new home in decor for the holidays, consider simply adding minimal decorations that go with your overall style and color palette to create your perfect Christmas home.

Winter Neutrals

Many times we try so hard to find Christmas decor we like, we forget about the season of winter that if following the holiday season. With that in mind, consider using Christmas decor like snowmen, sleds, or cool-tone colors such as light blue, green, or grays while decorating. This allows for a carefree post-holiday season since all of your decorations are not automatically out-of-season as soon December 26 comes around.

Tell Your Story

It’s easy to look in design magazines for the Pinterest-Perfect Home for the holidays. However, don’t forget that your home is your home for a reason. Don’t neglect to tell your story and display pieces or crafts from your children or something that brings nostalgia to you. Christmastime is a wonderful time to remember the growth you and your loved ones have experienced. Focus on finding your own style and not replicating a designer’s.

Interested in more than just decor for 2020?

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