There is one thing for certain. Life pulls you in multiple directions. Our schedules fill up with various activities, meetings, and obligations. We feel exhausted because of how our planners have become overbooked with so many things. When COVID-19 came, our schedules became open and our priorities changed. Here at SW Builders, it is no surprise that we understand the business life brings, but ultimately value the home and the incredible life-giving time it brings. In this blog post, we are going to provide three reasons why the time at home, even amidst COVID-19, has such significant value.

Home Brings Closeness

We would like to begin by emphasizing that the home brings closeness to those who reside there, in proximity, and relationship. It is no surprise when a family lives in a home together there is a sense of community that forms. When a family values the home and places priority in it, closeness will be a result of it. This is a priceless gift.

Home Brings Evaluation

Second, the home provides an opportunity for evaluation and reflection on your current state of mind. This can be emotional and physical health, as well as re- prioritizing commitments and endeavors. It is critical that we re-prioritize and evaluate where we are putting our time, talent, and resources. The time of evaluation at the home provides an opportunity for this. In turn, it will provide a clear mind, ready to work and serve in whatever capacity present.

Home Brings Refreshment

Finally, home brings refreshment. Nothing wears us down more than simply not being fully rested. When it comes to the home, there is a guard that we can let down and fully rest and recharge. To be the best we can be, we must take care of ourselves and our family’s well-being in the home. Refreshment looks different for everyone. We encourage you to find what works best for your family! It could be a nature hike, picnic, completing a puzzle, or simply just catching up on the couch. Time of refreshment benefits all. We encourage you to utilize this time!

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