It should come to no surprise to you that the last few months have shown us how unpredictable our world can be. Oftentimes it is hard to find the motivation to move forward when we feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Despite the uncertainty, we are here to give 3 ways to find motivation THIS summer.

Summer 2020 Bucket List

Many individuals have bucket lists of various activities, events, and vacations that they’d like to do before X happens. We are not referring to this bucket list as most traveling and plans are postponed at this time. We recommend making a Summer 2020 bucket list that focuses on what various activities you can do this summer. This may include a night under the stars in the backyard, a bike ride to an ice cream shop, or building a living room fort. Whatever the activities, be creative and enjoy completing the summer 2020 bucket list with your loved ones. We are confident you will look back on the time with fond memories.

Stay Committed to a Daily Schedule

We are creatures of habit, and routine aids in being productive. Thus, staying committed to a daily routine will increase your effectiveness in daily activities as well as long-term goals. This will look different for various people and may take time to find out what works best for you. A checklist for the day might be all you need. On the other hand, planning out tasks for specific times of the day may be more effective for you. Regardless of how you plan your daily schedule, this will help you increase productivity and will also find motivation to make this summer count!

Rest Day

Finally and most importantly, it is hard to find the motivation to accomplish anything when you are exhausted. This is why rest days are KEY to motivation, productivity, and success. Find ways that help bring relaxation to your body so that you are rested and ready to be productive each day. Taking care of yourself through rest makes yourself more effective in every area of your life, not just productivity. This simple rest day, will allow you to be on your game during the week and ready to tackle what lies ahead.

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