Houseplants are excellent accents to incorporate into the home. Are you interested in how plants can bring aesthetics to any space? No matter if you are looking for something to fit a small space, big corner, or shelf, houseplants provide a wonderful opportunity to incorporate a natural appearance to any room. In this blog post, we are here to share a few of our favorite houseplants and a few ideas on incorporating them in your home.

Small Plants

Are you looking for a petite plant to fit a space that seems a little too bare? Oftentimes, shelves or coffee tables may need just a small item with a pop of color. This is where a small houseplant can fit nicely and add some color and texture also. When choosing a plant, be sure to consider the pot in which you would like to plant it. We recommend always selecting a pot that is a little bigger for room to grow in. Also look for planters that are neutral color. A few of our favorite small plants are: Cast Iron Plant, Chinese Money Plants, and Pothos.

Medium-Sized Plants

Spaces that seem empty or bare are many times mistaken for putting a too small or too big plant in its place. However, there are plants that can fit these spaces and look great all at the same time. Spaces that may need a medium-sized plant could be a fireplace mantle, entry table, top of a piano, or in a strategic location to hide unwanted areas. A few of our favorite medium-sized plants are: ZZ plant, Dragon Tree, or the Spider plant.

Tree-Like Plants

Do you have a corner in your home that needs some color and texture? Consider a tree-like plant. They offer wonderful color and health benefits as well! If you are looking for something to give privacy, color, or excitement, consider adding a tree-like plant to a room in your house! A few of our favorite tree-like plants are: Rubber Tree, Fiddle leaf tree, or Monstera.

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