The gift of hospitality is a homeowner’s greatest blessings. One of the best opportunities you may have is to host a friend in your home while they are visiting or in transition. Thus, having a space designated and ready to house guests allows for you to be ready to give a helping and hospitable hand without fretting about the logistics. In this blog post, we are here to provide you with a four key elements to making your guests feel welcomed and right at home.

Bed and Comforter

The focal point to any bedroom is…wait for it… the bed and comforter. It is important to have the bed and comforter portray a welcoming ambiance so that your guest may feel right at home. We recommend using light and airy colors strung throughout the design. For the bed, consider a statement headboard that defines the space and gives a unique touch. Another important element to consider is the placement of the bed in the guest room. We recommend positioning it where there is adequate room to use either side of the bed and not blocking any natural light. One final touch to add is a few accent pillows to complete the space.

Relaxing Décor

The next recommendation we have is to incorporate relaxing décor into the room. Try adding elements of light blue with whicker, or light green with rod iron. Subtle and simple décor work best in guest rooms so that the room feels inviting and resort-like. We also suggest an essential oil diffuser as a great personal touch to exude a natural aroma that can be present upon arrival and into the evening as well.

Compliments Jar

On either a dresser or in the guest bath, a wonderful touch to add for your guest is a jar of various complimentary items such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or bath oil. Not only is this appreciated by guests, but it also gives a neat statement piece as well. Next time you are at a hotel, snag a few of the complimentary items to begin making your compliments jar for guests you may host in the future.

Picture Board

If you have guests often, a unique idea to incorporate into your guest room is a picture board of the guests that have stayed in your space. Go out and purchase a Polaroid Camera, some film, twine, and clothespins and you will be on your way to a creative accent wall that will be enjoyed by all. Have your guests take a picture with a letterboard displaying their name and the date. Once the picture pops out, hang it with a clothespin on the twine on your wall. We absolutely love this idea as a great way to make your guests feel invited and excited to be welcomed back.

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