A home is a sacred place. It is where we find rest and rejuvenate our beings. Oftentimes, it is easy for our home to turn into a long to-do list where we need to check off the boxes to keep it in tip-top shape when in reality it is supposed to be a place where we can let our guards down and be still. No matter what stage of life you are in, it is of the utmost importance to take care of the home so that it can exude enjoyment and rest that is needed after a long day. Here are 3 things to incorporate into your home today!

Put Your Kitchen to Bed

The kitchen is typically one of the most used areas of our home which can, in turn, make it the messiest and unorganized. Putting your kitchen to bed is a great habit to be sure everything is clean, organized, and ready for the next day. How do you do this? Here are a few of our favorite ways! First, be sure all dishes and utensils are clean and put away. Nothing screams ‘Good Morning’ more than a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes. Second, clean your counters daily. Kitchen countertops can collect dust, food crumbs, and other particles so it is important to do a daily clean. Also, do an appliance check daily. Was there a splatter in the microwave or something fall off a casserole dish in the oven? Clean it up properly so that your next meal doesn’t have any after-effects and that your appliances shine inside and out.



Junk Drawer Weekly Check

We all have that one drawer where we throw miscellaneous items in. However, oftentimes we throw items in there that we later forget about which could result in late bills, a missed appointment, or an event. When it comes to your junk drawer, we recommend having a weekly check. Go through, organize, and disperse where the drawer contents need to go. This will help you stay on top of bills, paperwork, and other items that need to be addressed.

The Rest Room

Depending on the stage of life you’re in, it might be hard to feel rested and rejuvenated when your home feels consumed by toys, hobby equipment, or miscellaneous items. We understand this will look different for each individual, but our recommendation is to have at least one “Rest Room” in your home that remains free of clutter, toys, and extra items. Oftentimes a sunroom, 4-seasons porch, or a great room are a perfect location for this. We suggest every family strive for one room like this. This will result in a place where your family can find rest together, make memories and just simply enjoy one another’s company. No matter what your day looked like, this space allows for you to leave that behind and focus on the here and now with those you love.

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