Welcome Spring, Welcome Warm weather! Here at SW Builders, we love the beautiful seasons we get to enjoy in West Michigan and are excited to see a new season finally here! Spring is a wonderful time to witness the outdoors coming back to life. With that comes the wonderful world of spring cleaning that everyone loves. In this blog post, we are here to give 3 areas to focus on while freshening up the interior of your home.

Cleaning Closed Off Places

When was the last time you cleaned inside your kitchen cabinets, junk drawer, entertainment center, or bathroom vanity? Not sure?! Our recommendation is to start here. Every week, it is common to focus on areas that are seen in the home and used often such as the kitchen, floors, or bathroom. However, after a year, you’d be surprised how your closed-off spaces need a little attention. Grab a damp rag and clean your cabinets and drawers that haven’t been touched for a while. Be sure to let it air dry. If you are looking for a little extra splash of freshness, sprinkle a few drops of an essential oil blend on a paper towel and set it in the cabinet for a fresh, clean scent.

kitchen cabinets


The beloved chore of dusting is one of those that feels endless and that often goes unnoticed when completed. Is there a high area that is unreachable or a room that isn’t used often? Find a ladder and take a look. You may be surprised that your hard work in dusting throughout the year is noticed in comparison to a particular crevice or ledge that hasn’t been dusted since the last painting job. Take a quick walkthrough of your house and note areas that appear to have been missed. Find a ladder with a feather duster or cloth. Slowly glide your duster across the dirty surface. You’ll be amazed at the result.

dusting mirror

Moving Furniture

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your space by cleaning and rearranging. Consider moving an accent chair, shelf, or sofa to give a whole new look to a space. Not only will this allow you to reach spaces that may have been missed in cleaning all year long, but it also makes your space feel brand new for for your loved ones. Feel like your space could use a fresh new piece of custom furniture? Check out our sister business Lakeshore Custom Cabinets’ website to learn more about the various projects they can do for your home.

moving furniture

Interested in Something More than a Spring Refresh?

Sometimes we need something more than dusting. We get it. We would love to hear from you on your goals for your next project. Fill out our Contact form here to get started.