The joys of homeownership… you chuckle. We all try to organize, deep clean, and renovate as our homes shout for attention. However, in the midst of busy lives, growing families, or simply lack of motivation, it’s easy for various projects to fall by the wayside. Here at SW Builders, we are firm believers in treating your home with the utmost care, because your home is your family’s safe haven and place to unwind. We are here to provide 5 things you haven’t done in awhile (to your home) that could be good to add to your to-do list in the colder months.

1. Dust Your Walls and Baseboards

We don’t know about you, but dusting is usually one of the tasks we enjoy the least. Usually because of this, we do a quick surface dust weekly or bi-weekly to take care of the visible particles that land on our furniture or window stills. However, when was the last time you took a feather duster or dust cloth to your walls and baseboards? Like your furniture, dust collects on your walls, trim, and wainscoting. 

We recommend focusing on this task for 1 week and doing one/two rooms a day. Not only does this make it seem manageable, but it also gives your body a break too. Grab a family member, turn on the radio, and make it a fun event as you take care of your home and see new shades of colors you forgot were there.

2. Vacuum Under Cushions, Couch, and Furniture

Maybe you’ll want to do this after Super Bowl Sunday. But, we can’t emphasize the importance of vacuuming under your couch cushions and furniture. Similar to dusting, our vacuum routine usually involves the highly-trafficked areas of the home and not where it’s easy for dirt, crumbs, and debris to gather. Moving furniture can be a chore, so we definitely recommend doing this with someone who can make this task doable for you. 

A great option to add on to this chore is using a Fabric Shaver to make your couch fabric look brand new again. You can find one similar to this off of

3. Pantry Deep Clean and Organize

Off the time of your head- what is the oldest item you believe to have in your pantry? Not sure? Take on the challenge of deep cleaning and organizing your pantry. The pantry is a place that can be a huge asset as you cook or it can be a huge headache. We recommend taking everything out of your pantry and organizing in categories if the canned and boxed food and condiments are good. If bad, obviously toss. 

Once you have a good understanding on what you have, give a good wipe down of your pantry so that it’s fresh and clean. Consider at this time to make little labels and put them on the shelves where each food product will go for easy and quick navigation. Once you have everything ready in the pantry, dust off the products that are needed and begin placing them in your pantry. Don’t feel the need to put everything in the same location. Be creative!

You will feel like a professional chef once this is done, we promise. Or feel at least ready to tackle the next casserole dish.

4. Purge and Clean Home Closets

It’s so easy to have spaces get out of hand when you have a door in front of it. Have you wondered why your closets seem to get out of hand so quickly? This may be why! Keeping your home closets clean is highly recommended, for a fresh mind, understanding on where all of your belongings are, and keeps the dirt to a minimum.

First off, start by getting rid of any items in your closet you don’t need. Donate, give away, dispose. Then, take everything out. Yes, we said it. And give a nice deep clean. Now that you have a fresh slate, it’s critical to have a good organization system in place. We recommend baskets or little tote buckets depending on the items that are stored in the space. We know you will be surprised by how freeing you feel by just knowing what are in your closet spaces.

5. Cleaning Inside the Cabinets

Our sister business Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, recommends this often to keep your cabinets looking nice but also extend the life of them for years to come. One of the ways to do this is by taking your various utensils, appliances, and dishware out of your cabinets and give a good wipe down. At this time, you could add protection mats or drawer organizers to give a little more structure and order to the space. Cleaning your door handles/ pulls regularly is also important for sanitation as well as regularly dusting the cabinet door fronts as well.

Here at SW Builders, we understand the importance of taking care of your home.  If you are looking for a special project, a whole kitchen remodel, or more, we’d love to come alongside you. Fill out our Contact form here today!