Color communicates emotion and an overall mood when you walk into a room. It gives a sense of purpose on what the room is for and the priorities of the family who lives there. Thus, when choosing a paint store like Repcolite, it’s important to know your preferences and use behind each room. Whether you enjoy vibrant colors or light pastels, it’s good to know an overall rule of thumb when it comes to choosing colors for your home.

Effects of Color

Color affects us. It was how we were designed. It’s important to note the shade of colors really does make a difference. Light colors and pastels communicate expansive and airy feels whereas darker colors feel more warm and intimate. Let’s now go into some details on how colors can work for your home. 

  • Neutrals are critical as you use color in your home. Finding neutrals that go well with your style and decoration preferences is very important. Light grays, tans, and white are common for neutrals in most homes.
  • Red increases energy levels and provides a sense of strong emotions. It’s important to use red moderately as it is a very strong and bold choice to choose. Red is excellent for accents and for a statement wall if desired.
  • Yellow reminds us of sunshine and happiness. This color is excellent for kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces. However, yellow should not become the main color scheme for the home.
  • Blue is an extremely calming and relaxing color. The shade you choose is critical as it can either communicate a relaxing touch (lighter shade) or sadness (darker shade). This color is excellent for various rooms as it is close to the natural family but has some character to it.
  • Green is the most restful color to the eye. It portrays growth and community. It’s great for gathering spaces as well as small closed rooms. This is an excellent, well-rounded color for practically any space and has wonderful tones that are absolutely stunning.
With so many colors to choose from, finding the right paint color can be hard. Thankfully, we are here to help you find the perfect color for your space.
  • Purple produces a feeling of dramatic richness. If you choose a lighter shade, it can be quite calming like lavender or periwinkle However, the shades of purple vary greatly on how the color will communicate.
  • Orange portrays excitement and energy. This color needs to be approached with caution but is an excellent choice for a workout room as it helps release energy.

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