Even though the weather appears to be fluctuating, we still know spring is here. From spring cleaning to fresh new decorations and more, there is always something fun to do. Here at SW Builders, we are busy with multiple new homes and renovations. We are here to make the preparation a little more doable and enjoyable with a few unique tasks to get ready for spring and the nice weather.

Landscape and Plants

Curb appeal is a real thing. It’s important to take care of this for ascetics but also resale value. Fresh new shrubs, planters and edging the driveway are simple tasks that can add character and value to your home. Adding new bark and stones can also help boost the look of your landscaping.

Outdoor landscaping provides curb appeal and a professional look to your home.

It’s important to take care of annual cleaning projects as this helps with the longevity of your home’s materials. Taking care of your siding, gutters, and windows are crucial in maintaining a home that lasts through the years with less maintenance and repair costs. Check out Lakeshore Custom Cabinet’s post on this here.

New Outdoor Furniture

Let’s be honest. We all enjoy restful evenings outside with our loved ones. Thus, it’s important that you create a space for it. After a long day at the office or running the children from place to place, it’s nice to have space where you can just relax during the warm months. Outdoor furniture is a perfect way to spice up any patio or porch and make it fresh and new.

Inside Decor

Seasonal decorations are always a fun addition to any space. They allow for the season to feel alive in the house as well as create a sense of excitement for the next season approaching. Many seasonal decorations focus on the holiday that is near, but there are also decorations broad enough to symbolize a particular season. For example, snowflakes for winter, flowers, and growth for spring, sunshine and outdoors for summer, and leaves for fall. All of these fit for the seasons as well as the holidays that fall underneath them. 

A few of our recommendations for each season decor would be:

  • Winter- snowmen, candles
  • Spring- woven baskets, plants
  • Summer- bright paintings, abstract dishes
  • Fall- leaf pattern table cloths, pumpkins

Ready to make an event bigger change next season?

Decorating is only on part of the equation. Find a builder you can trust for the bigger project you’re ready to tackle. Interested in getting started? Visit our webpage here www.stevenwaltersbuilders.com/contact to begin turning your house into a home.