Home Sweet Home. What a wonderful phrase that encompasses so much. Home is not only a place where you reside, it’s a safe haven where you can let your guard down and rest after the business of life’s demands. At SW Builders, we know a house is simply a structure whereas a home is where the heart truly lies. Thus, if you long for a home that is inviting, relaxing, and cultivates building memories, it’s important that the space is a place you want to be. In this blog post, we are going to provide some budget-minded ways to promote community and a relaxing environment until you are able to do an addition or build a new home.

Room Focal Points

It is true that where the eye gravitates towards first in a room is where the purpose of a room lies. For example, in the kitchen, the cabinetry, countertops, and appliances should portray an open and welcoming space to prepare meals. This goes for living spaces as well. When you walk into your living room, what is the first thing you see? A sagging sofa? Television? A DVD shelf? All of these are potentials for promoting a cluttered environment. Our recommendation is to strategically place furniture in such a way that a TV or sagging couch isn’t the first thing you see. Sure, if you enjoy low couches and television that is good. However, it’s important to note that a room in a house offers more than accommodations, it sets the tone for what the room is used for.

One of our recommendations is to set up a space that welcomes natural light like windows or provides the illusion of such. There are mirrors or window-shaped mirrors that offer a great balance of light and also make the room more spacious. Another option is to balance warm and cool colors throughout the space. For example, if your couch is a dark gray, consider white walls or light curtains to brighten up the space. Consider adding a nice bookshelf or tall plant to direct the eye towards places of creativity and uniqueness. 

Wall Decor

Wall decor has the opportunity to make or break a room. It’s important to remember less is more. However, adding bits of character and color throughout the home provides an opportunity for creativity and style. When buying wall decor, consider the purpose behind the art and its size. First, the purpose of the piece is important to think about. What is it trying to communicate? Does it fit your family’s story and style? Remember, it’s your house, not Joanna Gaines. If you like a painting of a family picnic, then go for it! Second, sizing is key as you place art on the wall. Is the height making the wall feel choppy or long? Does it fit the space well with the furniture nearby? Be sure to hold up your favorite piece in multiple places before securing it with a nail. It might surprise you where you end up liking it most!


Believe it or not, even a small house can feel spacious if laid out well. We are a firm believer in floor space is good space and it’s important to cultivate a sense of spaciousness. The biggest tip we have here is having minimal decorations, furniture or items on the ground. When there is clutter stored on the ground, not only do we have less floor space, but it also makes cleaning difficult and limits certain activities to happen in that particular room. Another recommendation is to keep shelves, entertainment centers and coffee tables decorated minimally. The fewer items, the less clutter. This helps give the illusion of an open space throughout the entire room instead of cramming various decorations and knick-knacks in every nook and cranny.

Ready to do more?

So you’ve made these changes and feel as though you are entering a season where you’d like to do a bigger change? Visit our website at www.stevenwaltersbuilders.com/contact to learn more!