Trust us, you are not the only one who has purchased a home that needs updates for functionality and character. Not everyone has the budget or the desire to build a home at this moment. Here at SW Builders, we know that and are here to make your dream a reality in whatever shape and form that may be.

Determine Priorities and What You Use Most

First and foremost, if you’re interested in updating your home and doing some renovations or add-ons, it’s important to dream with the stage of life you’re in. For example, if a four-season room is important to you and your family or your dream of a kitchen with an island, acknowledge it. The mistake many people make in this area is to feel pressure to renovate what they think is already in good shape. For example, if your house has oak wainscot paneling that you like, don’t feel pressure to renovate that first. Ultimately your home is yours, renovate areas you’d like something fresh and your style.

Determine Budget

Unfortunately, by now we have realized that money does not grow on trees as we hoped. Thus, our budget for home renovations is a factor when determining what to renovate first. As we discussed earlier, determine what you will use most and put it high on the renovation list. However, if your dream costs more than your bank account’s total, we need to come up with an alternative before we move forward. Our recommendation is to have a separate fund where you are able to put bonuses, cash gifts, and extra money into and title it renovation fund. Second, write out a list of the renovations you would like to complete and the cost to complete it. Then number the renovation in the order of priority. Once this separate account has enough cash to do one of your major dreams, consider completing it soon. Financially speaking, always make sure you are on the right track before doing a major update.

Determine Timing

It’s easy to dream about winter when we are in the heat of summer. Thus, it’s critical we are considering the timing of seasons and weather when completing the renovation. Not only is it important to determine priorities and budget for a renovation, but it is also important to determine the proper timing of this so that the renovation can be cost-effective and run smoothly. 

Have all three marks checked?

Do you have all of the above tips in place and are ready to take on a big renovation but not sure where to start? Here at SW Builders, we enjoy the opportunities to turn a house into a home for you, whether that be a new home renovation or new custom-home just for you. Visit our contact form here and we would love to get in touch with you.