We all have an innate desire in us to have a sense of belonging and acceptance. This longing cannot be forgotten or swept under the rug. It’s a desire that our Creator put in us to value rest, recharge, and rely on Him. In this blog post, we are going to give our top 3 reasons why the heartbeat of the home should be prioritized and valued.

Home Values Rest

The first reason we believe it is vital to value the home is that it provides a place for us to find rest. You do not have to look far to see that our world is busy with high demands. Thus, the word rest is many times not even in our vocabulary. Nevertheless in Genesis, we see God values rest and knows we should too which is why He set the example to follow while He was creating the world. The home needs to revolve around valuing rest. It should always be valued.

Home Values Recharge

The second reason we believe it is vital to value the home is it’s a place to recharge. Here is what we mean by that; the home needs to be a place where we can gain refreshment, energy, and happiness. The home needs to be a place we look forward being at. A place where we feel accepted and energized to be the best versions of ourselves possible. The time at home is a place where we can truly be ourselves, relax and equip ourselves to go about the next day with intentionality to do live well and do our best in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Home Values Reliance

The third reason we believe it is vital to value the home is that we must rely on it. It’s crucial we find time to be home often. Relying on time at home means the value of family, memories, and self-care. All of this is important for our wellbeing. Many individuals choose to prioritize places outside the home to spend most of their time. We believe, however, it’s important to rely on it as your source of strength and a place you can fully unwind.

Home Values You

We may be biased that we believe home is one of the most important places to be. The heart of the home is a place that needs to be valued and respected. It also should be a place you enjoy making your own. If you are dreaming of a new and special update for your home, fill out our contact form here.