It should be no surprise to you that here at SW Builders we like to build. As you may know, we specialize in building homes and renovations to come alongside our clients to bring their dreams to life. Building is a skill, a trade and a desire. If an individual strives to be a builder and yet lacks skill, he will not be successful in his work. Similarly, if someone has the skills but isn’t willing to put the hours of labor in to make this passion a trade, he will fall short of a long-term commitment to this work. In addition, if someone has the skills and trade but doesn’t have a desire and passion to build, the motivation will remain minimal and his work will not be efficient. Thus, it’s important that to be a successful builder, one must possess these qualities. We believe these qualities go past the wood studio and into our personal lives as well.

Building a Skill

Have you ever tried a new hobby or skill? If you’re like us, it takes time and discipline to become good at something. Even the hobbies and activities that come naturally to us, we still need to put time and energy into it. Building a skill can be a practical task, an intellectual skill, a well-being skill or more! It’s important when we look at our lives to always be improving and learning to be a well-rounded individual.

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Building a Trade

What do you do for a living? How do you pay the bills? What was your major in college? can all be questions that many ask when seeking to learn about our trade or profession. It’s common when we are working on building our skills to grow in a particular trade, that we focus on the task itself and not on the purpose behind that particular job. To clarify, it is so easy to get into the trap of a particular title instead of how we are helping others in our particular role. As we continue learning on ways to build one’s life, it’s important to not loose sight on why we chose the particular trade or job in the first place.

Building a Passion

Finally, it’s possible to stay at point 1 and 2 and ultimately miss the purpose of building our life. Many find their fulfillment in their hobbies and professions and loose passion altogether. Passion is powerful. It’s an emotion and a call wrapped in one. Passion takes the mind off of what do others think to something I love, so I will do. Here at SW Builders, we believe our passion goes beyond building homes and spaces for our clients, it’s ultimately rooted in a passion for loving others by how we have been loved first, by Christ. Why do value integrity? Why do we value a hard-work ethic? Why do we value passion in our work in and out of the studio? It ultimately boils down to our utmost passion, which is our Savior. Building a life that we enjoy and find fulfillment in is great, but not the end goal. Our end goal is to honor one another and our God by living well. Consider listening to this song Build my Life by Pat Barrett here.

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