It’s hard to believe summer is officially over and we are now preparing our homes for the cold weather that is coming upon us. We are here to give you a few projects you can do now to make for an easy spring clean and good curb appeal all season long.


Usually, it’s more common to think about fresh landscape after the snow is gone and spring is finally here. However, that can lead to a significant work project when the leaves begin budding. A good rule of thumb is to leave things in the fall as you’d like to see them in the spring. There will be work to do in the spring; however, it’s important to have things trimmed and in place so that the work isn’t too extensive come April. A few of these tasks could be cleaning landscape stones/bark of weeds, leaves and twigs. A clean slate of landscape helps make the spring clean a breeze. Second, prune shrubbery based on the plant’s needs. This will allow the plant to disperse the weight of the snow well in addition to appearing nice and neat.

Edging Driveway

We don’t think we’ve ever heard someone say a nicely-edged driveway doesn’t look great. There is no doubt about the fact clean, cut lines are visually appealing and are also good for excess growth to not occur. Our recommendation would be to edge the driveway and sidewalk as well as the landscape around the house. This will make the job more doable come spring and also display nice curb appeal.

Porch Decor

Have you ever driven past a house during Christmastime and seen big pots of soil and a summer wreath on the door? Not appealing. Even though these are small touches to the entire home at large, it’s important to take care of the first impression your home presents. During the fall, enjoy pumpkins and a nice haystack with a pot of mums. Come winter, consider having a little Christmas tree with lights on the porch. It’s important to be sure your home’s first impression is a good one and in-step with the season.

Dreaming of something big as the holiday’s approach?

Not all gifts need to fit under the tree. We are here to build your dream whether that be a renovation, addition, or new home. We would love to hear from you as you continue to envision your new space. Visit our contact form here today!