It’s hard to believe that spring is here and summer is quickly around the corner. This time of year brings about so many special activities, memories and… house projects. Oftentimes we try to avoid spring projects since they can be quite daunting when making a list of all that must be done. Here at SW Builders, we get that and are here to provide three indoor home projects that can be done despite the weather that can help your house feel fresh and organized again.

Basic Cleaning

It’s important to clean your cabinets and woodwork. Here are a few of our favorite tips in properly taking care of your home.

  • Clean with a dampened, lint-free cotton cloth and promptly wipe dry.
  • For a deeper clean, use a mix of mild soap and water, then promptly wipe dry.
  • Avoid using a dishcloth or sponge to clean cabinet surfaces as it may contain remnants of harsh detergents that can harm the finish.
  • Stay away from ammonia-based cleaners as this can be detrimental to your cabinets and woodwork.

We recommend doing some research on the best polish for your furniture and trim, as not all wood stains and styles are the same. Remember, painted cabinetry and trim should not be polished. You may use a simple detergent diluted warm water instead. Be sure to wring out the cloth you are using so that excess water does not remain on the wood.

See Through Wonders

Our next recommendation is to clean your windows on the inside as well as any surfaces that may have glass built-in. Consider cleaning any glass picture frames, glass cabinetry such as a hutch, and most importantly your windows to the outdoors. If it happens to be a nice day, consider washing your exterior windows as well. If you have struggled to find a good glass cleaner that doesn’t leave streaks for your exterior, try mixing 1 part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water for a nice solution that gets the job done. Be sure to use a squeegee when finished to remove the access solution and leave the window streak-free.


Finally, our last recommendation is to declutter where needed. We keep this broad intentionally since this depends on your current home’s situation. A few things you can declutter are your “junk drawers”, closets, kitchen pantry, garages, etc. Feel like all of these are organized? Consider organizing your storage room and labeling boxes for ease in the long run. Consider labeling boxes for holiday decor, toys, and leisure. Not only is the act of decluttering helpful for the mind to wind down, but it also helps with organizing items to be efficient and helpful in the long run.

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