Have you been dreaming of the perfect outdoor space for entertaining large gatherings or a family party? Oftentimes it can be daunting on how to make an outdoor deck into a cozy space for entertaining, or a backyard into a perfect space for cornhole or a volleyball tournament. Regardless of the size of your space, or activity preference, we are here to give three fun ideas to incorporate into your outdoor space.

Lighting- Setting the Mood

In theatrical performances, lighting is key in portraying feelings, time of day, key characters, or putting the focus on a particular object. The lighting is a visual representation to pay attention and feel engaged. Similarly, lighting is important when it comes to entertaining spaces. It not only provides aesthetic ambiance, but also gives direction on where a designated area may be, and also sets the mood. When designing your entertainment area, consider implementing light fixtures that are effective for the space you are occupying. Consider adding Light fixtures like this around a space you’d like to highlight. These light fixtures can hang from a pergola, underneath a deck, or on high posts, perfect for entertaining.


Whether the gathering you plan on having is an active one or more sedentary, we usually recommend having an area of seating for a perfect entertaining space. As a host, it is important that you are prepared for the number attendees to have proper seating arrangements In addition, it is also important to have the space accommodate your guests needs. As a rule of thumb, always plan on an additional five guests coming. Depending on the size of your gathering and its purpose, consider what kind of table arrangements may be necessary. Consider a circle of chairs around a fire. Circles usually accommodate medium size groups best. Be strategic in the placement of the seating, especially if there are little ones that may go off and do an activity while the other guests remain seated. 

Available Activity

Whether your event is big or small, it is always important to have at least one activity set in place if guests would like to do something fun. Simply having a couple of card games set on a table, cornhole in the yard, or even a build your own ice cream sundae bar allow for standstills in the gathering to turn into moments of new memories. If little ones are included in the gathering, be sure to have a few toys or a craft project to keep them entertained while the adults visit or play a game.

Interested in a new entertainment space?

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