It should be no surprise to you that we are passionate about the home and the beautiful place it is to bring families and loved ones together. The Home is a place of security, peace, memories, and deep bonding. We oftentimes cherish some of our most heartfelt moments, life milestones, and daily laughs in this space, no matter how big or small. With that being said, because we are passionate about the home, we also value taking care of it as well. One of our favorite ways lately has been how to make a natural fabric refresher that can be used throughout the home for a beautiful aroma all-around.


1 teaspoon baking soda

2 cups lukewarm water

10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil blend


  1. Mix baking soda and water in a mason jar or glass
  2. Add essential oil blend of choice- it can be one favorite, or a mix of several
  3. Use a funnel and pour into spray bottle

How do I use this new Refresher?

Now is the best part. All you need to do mildly shake the spray bottle, and then spray (not stream setting) on your fabric, carpet, drapes, rugs, or even the air itself to give a fresh clean scent. You may do this as often as you wish, as we think you’ll become a huge fan like us.

One of our favorite parts about this recipe is that the essential oils completely make the scent. This allows you to customize the scents your family enjoys, seasonal fragrances, or different health benefits depending on the variety of oils you use.

Have fun with it. Your home and family will thank you!

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