Choosing the perfect flower planter can be overwhelming. Not only are there so many beautiful flowers and greenery to choose from, but it is hard to know what will thrive in your location and pair well with other flowers also. In our blog post, we are here to provide some insight on designing the perfect planter and a few things to keep in mind along the way.

Three Kinds of Plants

There are three kinds of plants to keep in mind when designing your flower planter. The first is your “Thriller” plant. These plants are usually upright in nature and provide a statement piece to your planter. Second, are “Fillers”. These plants help the pot feel full and lush. Third, is your “Spillers”. These plants typically trail down the pot and assist with adding color, interest, and blending the pot and plant for a seamless look.

Pairing Together for A Beautiful Planter

Now that you are aware of the different kinds of plants, how do you pair these together? For starters, we recommend having at least 1 of each of the kind of plants above as they pair beautifully together. Something to keep in mind is what the plants need to thrive. Depending on the location of the planter, it’s important to be sure the flowers and greenery you are choosing will all thrive in the location you will choose.

A Couple of Examples

If you aren’t feeling adventurous to go to the greenhouse tomorrow and start from scratch, don’t worry. Here are a couple of other recommended planter options to give you a starting point.

  • The Shade Friendly Plant- Rich tones and textures, and good for both summer and fall
    • Thriller- Black Beauty Elephant Ear
    • Filler- Season’s King heuschera, Variegated ‘June’ hosts
    • Spiller- ‘Victoria’ bird’s-nest fern
  • Lovin’ The Sun Plant-Bright and green, and ready to add beautiful colors to any space
    • Thriller- ‘Pretoria’ canna
    • Fillers- ‘Occult Shield’ geranium and Diamond Frost euphorbia
    • Spiller- ‘Sweet Caroline’ sweet potato vine
  • Color-Filled Pot of Love- This plant provides beautiful colors as you can incorporate almost any flower
    • Thriller- Angelface Angelonia
    • Fillers- Meteor Shower verbena and ‘Lavance Deep Purple’ lavender
    • Spiller- Petunias