We all have so many responsibilities that it can feel overwhelming on where to begin. With busy family schedules, demanding work hours, and various commitments, it can become very daunting on how to even tackle are to-do lists when we feel pulled in so many directions.

We are convinced, however, that there is an art to creating the effective to-do list that not only accomplishes your goals, but also prioritizes them in such a way that you will be able to keep up with the to-do’s.

The Weekly / Monthly Page Spill

In order to have an effective to-do list, you must be aware of everything your mind deems as important and must be done. Thus, either on a weekly or monthly basis, spill out all of your to-dos in one place. It doesn’t have to be organized, pretty, or even rationale. Rather, this is to help clear your mind of anything you’ve been thinking about that may need to be done.

Don’t forget that the goal for this to be a comprehensive list. Never do this in a rush, or last minute. Take your time and always come back to it several times to be sure everything is on it.

Organize Based on Category

The next important step is to organize these random tasks so that there is some logic to it. This also allows for you to see if one particular area has a lot more to do than another. After you’ve categorized, simply put each item in a particular category in order of importance, so that there is no question on what needs to be done first.

Come Up with a Game Plan

Finally, a to-do list stays a to-do list until an effective strategy is put in place. How you tackle your to-do list will vary greatly based on its makeup. Here are a few tips we have to be sure you can execute your effective to-do list:

  • Assign the tasks to a particular day
  • Set a timer or reminder for when due dates are approaching for various projects
  • Reward yourself with a little treat when you complete an entire category
  • Make it fun- include others, music, or a sweet treat to make it enjoyable

We wish you the best of luck as you seek to prioritize your time well and get your to-do’s done at the same time!