Have you ever felt as though you held onto something valuable very tight? That it scared you half-to-death if it would ever be taken away or jeopardized? In a world where we have endless options and opportunities, it is easy to find our worth and value in our lives and possessions which can often lead to dangerous outcomes. The Act of Letting Go is one that is not talked, but so important to continue to live a life of purpose.

Dare to Think of the Difficult

First off, we encourage you to dare to think of the difficult for a brief moment. If the job was gone, if the diagnosis came, if the tragic phone call rang, if the house burned down or the future calendar got erased. Would your entire security, happiness, or purpose vanish? We aren’t talking about “faking you’re happy” when you’re struggling, but more of do you know you can move on despite the difficulties of life? The Act of Letting Go emphasizes we are not in control, and that we are not finding ultimate worth and value in things that may leave.

Dare To Find Joy

Second, we dare you to find joy. We are not talking about circumstantial happiness that can come and go as the weather, but a true, inward joy that welcomes you on the good and bad days. You may find this in your family, or pursing the activities you enjoy. Ultimately, we hope that you find it in our Savior Jesus who gives us a strong foundation of hope and joy even on the darkest day.

Dare to Let Go

We might not know you personally or your story, but we dare you to challenge yourself to see where you may need to let go. This might be of future longings, unmet expectations, or fear of the unknown. We have often found that in the process of letting go, you find yourself in a place ready to grow as a person, be kind to those around you, and have your priorities in its proper place. It is our hope and prayer that you consider what area of your life you may need to let go of today.