It’s hard to believe the cold months are almost upon us. In Michigan, we are blessed with a variety of beautiful seasons, but with that requires preparation and at SW Builders, we are firm believers in taking care of your home in every sense of the word. In this blog post, we’d like to give 3 ways to prepare your home for the winter months.

Bringing Outdoor Belongings In

One of the top things we recommend as you prepare your home for winter is simply bringing your outdoor belongings in. This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s so important. As the seasons change your outdoor decor, pots, plants, kids toys, or other belongings take a beating when it gets cold or the snow flies.

When you’re gathering your items, be sure to clean, label and properly store these outdoor items so that they are ready for next spring. We guarantee that you will not want to clean out last years flower remains or a fire pit with last year’s ashes in the spring.

Take Inventory

Each new season is an opportunity to declutter and organize the spaces of your home. Take inventory of items you have not used for awhile, consider boxing away or donating these items for a tidy space. Organize your closets that have been overflowing all summer, inside cabinets or dressers, or even items that you have on the floor throughout your home. This will vary based on your home, however, going through and giving a refresh and organizing will make the winter months more bearable when things are orderly on the inside also as you prepare your home for winter.


Before all of the Christmas decor comes out, consider going through your home and doing a refresh when it comes to your belongings. Simplify your decor, move your furniture or decor into different locations, change up your room layout. This is an excellent way to refresh and update your space, but also ensure you’re dusting these areas and not having too much consuming your space.

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