We all hear of the soon-to-be mama going through every nook and cranny to declutter, clean and organize a space before her baby is born. The couple in their 40’s going through kids toys and clothes. The senior citizen ready to move to a retirement home, but can’t bring all of his memorabilia and furniture with him.

There are life stages where decluttering comes naturally, or is forced based on life events. However, what if we were to tell you that you don’t have to wait until a life event to declutter and get your space in line. In this blog post, we would like to give a simple, and yet effective approach to decluttering your space. It’s foolproof, it works, it’s easy. Let’s go!


We recommend working on one space at a time and not hopping around. This keeps you focused, shows a purpose, and a finish line also. Have a checklist with the rooms you need to declutter, so that you can always remember what has been completed and what rooms need to be worked on next.


Once you’re in the space you’re ready to declutter, have 3 piles or boxes available to you. Label them “Donate”, “Toss”, and “Keep”. Now go into the closet, the dresser, and drawers and pull everything out. We know- things will look worse for awhile, but this is the best way to know what items you’re working with as well as gives you a fresh slate to clean and reorganize.


Turn on some music, have a coffee nearby, and get started! Each room will be different in what this practically looks like. However, we guarantee you’ll be surprised at the progress you make when you simply get started.

Final Steps

Once you have gone through your space in its entirety, simply put your donated items in a vehicle or a designated space so it’s ready to go to the proper place and doesn’t simply stay at your house (this is key!). Any items you decided simply need to be thrown, do that now. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is simply not doing anything with the items they “declutter”. This in turn, creates piles throughout your home, with no action plan to do anything with them.

We know, decluttering isn’t glamorous or enjoyable most of the time, but it is so important to stay organized. This will help when you need to begin spring cleaning, move to a new home, or simply find an item. We know you won’t regret it.

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