Each year, the beginning of January comes around and we all feel a sense of excitement and dread as we begin to think about the new year and things we hope to change. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, life gets busy, the diagnosis comes, your position gets laid off, or the kids leave home. Thus, when the new years’ resolution is broken, it is easy to fall into a rut. In this blog post, we are here to provide the encouragement you need to move forward.

Never Too Late

Many times we feel as if we don’t start something ON January 1st, we need to wait to the next month, or even year! Instead of simply giving up because you feel like you “missed the mark or the day”, consider beginning next week, but preparing now! What do we mean by this? When you have a few moments, sit down and write out 3 goals you would like to begin next week. Simply come up with an action plan so that when the start of the week comes, you feel ready and equipped to move forward.

Anticipate A Change is Coming

Let’s face it. Sometimes we feel stuck in our routines and responsibilities. When the New Year’s Resolution is broken, we encourage you to anticipate a change is coming. When we believe a change is possible, we begin to realistically think how that goal can be work towards and obtained. Thus, when we have the proper perspective, we’ll be excited to begin that new thing, even if its days or months after January 1st.

Do It Together

Finally, what better way to complete your goals than with a friend? When we have accountability and fun with our goals, the higher the chances of the outcome being successful. Find a friend that would be interested in doing your goals and resolutions with you, and do it together. You will be so glad you did.

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