Do you ever feel that your space is lacking interest this time of year? After a summer of outdoor barbeques, hours at the office, or at the kid’s soccer tournament, we can come back to our home feeling unmotivated. In this blog post, we would like to provide 3 quick and easy ways to refresh your home that we hope will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take care of your space.

Declutter and Organize

Our first recommendation is to declutter and organize your space. Many times our home can feel less-than-appealing simply because we haven’t taken care of particular spaces in our home. When it comes to decluttering and organizing, we highly recommend always decluttering first. Organizing excess amounts of items is a waste of time and effort.

After your unwanted or expired items are out of the space, now is the best time to organize. Purchase plastic totes, grab yourself a label maker, and get to work! We know you won’t regret organizing your space, and the best part is once you put the work in, it helps keep you organized for a long time!

Move Items Around

Our second recomendation is to simply move a few items around. What do we mean by this exactly? Is there a couch that you can move at a different angle? Is there a bookshelf that can be moved to a different room? Can you change out your decor from one room to the other? All of these simple steps can give you an exciting and fresh new look on any space.


We have noticed we overcrowd spaces easily, either intentionally with decor or unintentionally with items we use often. Regardless, spaces that are overcrowded can not only make things harder to clean, but they can also crowd our minds also. We encourage you to go through your home and simplify your spaces. This can give your home a refresh without even realizing it!

What items should you be looking for?

  • Items you don’t use every day
  • Items that primarily collect dust with no purpose or sentimental value
  • Items that simply don’t have a home
  • Items that need to be donated

We hope this blog post encouraged you on 3 pratical ways to refresh your home. If you are interested in more than a refresh and would like to get in touch with SW Builders, either give us a call at 616-377-7443 or contact us here by filling our our form.