As a homebuilder and construction company, we are biased to a good “before” and “after” job. There is something so rewarding to see the start and finish of a long-awaited project for a customer and the beauty that comes from it. Our human nature loves a good “before” and “after” but we don’t always highlight or enjoy seeing the in-between work to get there. We believe this metaphor relates to life as a whole too. Let’s unpack this together.

Why do we not like change?

The online Oxford dictionary defines “Change” as the act or result of something becoming different. Change is a verb that results in a new thing. Change alters something familiar for something unknown. To a degree, we are all creatures of habit, and typically change is counterintuitive to that comfortable reality. Why do we not like change? Because it trades the familiar with a world where we may feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed.

How do we counteract?

Instead of dreading change or hoping it never comes, we encourage you to embrace and look out for it when you forsee oporutnities of change arising. Do you foresee a detour may be popping up on your daily commute? Plan ahead and find a new route before it’s a big change. Are you sensing a layoff at your company may be coming? Consider this a possible reality, update your resume, and occasionally search for a position that may intrigue you. Concerned about the state of your bank account? Before it gets low, set aside a separate savings account and start putting in small, weekly deposits.

When we know how to counteract the change that may come, it gives us confidence to embrace the change we may never see coming.

There’s Beauty in the New and Unexpected

Finally, we are sure you can think of a couple of times when a major life change brought beauty, like a wedding or a new baby. But, let’s go a step further and think of a time change, a difficult one, produced in you a sense of steadfastness, or strength; a new purpose or calling.

As you move forward, we encourage you to embrace change by expecting it and embracing it in new found ways, and keep a proper perspective. You’ve got this.