It’s hard to believe the colder months are upon us and yet we are excited for the excuse to grab the apple cider donut and “cozy up”. Are you? When it comes to the seasons changing, it’s natural to look for ways to make your home and living spaces feel more cozy as you prepare for the months ahead. In this blog post, we would like to provide several ways you can begin getting your space cozy for the colder months.

The Obvious- Blankets, Pillows, Candles… You Name it.

We will begin with the items you would most expect. Blankets, pillows, candles, and rich-hue colors can instantly make a space feel cozy and inviting. When adding some basic items such as these, not only will your space look “cozy” but it will also make the time spent in the area cozy as well when you have items that promote that kind of atmosphere.

Scents such as candles or essential oil diffusers also set a feel and ambiance for a space. Consider finding a scent that is nostalgic with earthy scents.

Consider your Seating Arrangements

Oftentimes our spaces do not feel “cozy” simply because the seating arrangements are too spaced out or not cohesive to the room layout. When considering the layout of your furniture, always focus on the focal point and gather the furniture accordingly. This will help the space feel intentional, conversational, and ultimately cozy at the same time.

Have Your Space Reflect You

Most importantly, remember- your space is meant to reflect YOU. It doesn’t need to look like a magazine or someone else’s home. Your home will feel cozy to you when it reflects you and your design style.

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