As this year begins to wind down, it can be a natural time to begin thinking about what home projects you hope to complete the following year. Some may be regular maintenance, others cosmetic, and some may be dreams you’ve hoped of for years. In this blog post, we would like to provide a few ways to help you prepare for your 2024 projects.

1. List Your Projects in Order of Importance

Our first recommendation is to list out your upcoming projects in order of importance. This is an excellent way to visually see what projects are coming up that need your attention, as well as when each should take place. This helps with getting on the same page with your spouse/family, begin to budget based on those priorities, and also have a game plan that works with your schedule too. Once you have this list, now you’re able to prepare effectively and anticipate the projects you have coming up.

2. Consider ‘Loose Scheduling’ Timing for the Projects for 2024

Our second recomendation is to ‘loosely schedule’ when you’d like the projects to take place. By “loose scheduling” we mean ” Front Porch Refresh- Spring 2024″, “Kitchen Upgrades- Fall 2024”, etc. This begins putting into action your ideal timeline, and also to make sure your goals are reasonable and space out with other committments you may have.

3. Find Inspiration for Each Project

Lastly, before reaching out to a builder, contractor, or supplier, we recommending finding inspriaton for your project first. This may be the color of cabinets you hope for in your kitchen refresh, the style column for your new front porch, or if you’d like white or black windows. When you know your personal style preferences, this will make the process smooth when meeting with a professional. Wondering where to find inspiration? Consider a Home Design Magazine like HGTV, or search through Pinterest or an online source that can generate possible matches based on your searching results.

Once you’ve done these 3 key steps, you are ready to begin researching your ideal contractor for the project. Here at SW Builders, we would love to come alongside you and complete your project. Fill out our Contact Form here or give us a call at 616-377-7443 to get in touch with our team.