As this year comes to a close, we know there is always many emotions that can be tied with that thought. Whether this was a year of great fun and happiness, or deep sorrow and difficulty, there is always a sense of excitement and renewal that can come when we reflect on a new year.

In this blog post, we would like to encourage you to find excitement in this upcoming new year.

1. Learn Something New in 2024

Our first recommendation for finding excitement in a new year is to learn something new! This could be as simple as reading a book each month, growing in your baking skills, or tackling a new kind of project in your home to name a few. There is something exciting about being intentional with learning a new skill or craft, no matter your age and abilities. Not only is this productive, but it also gives a sense of excitement and purpose too.

2. Host Friends and Family

Another unique opportunity to incorporate into 2024 is to host your friends and family throughout the year. It’s so easy to get into a “rut” and to lose our sense of community with others. What better way than to open up your home or space to those you love as you seek to spend quality time with?

3. Giving to Others

In a world of “self-care”, it is not trendy to say that creating excitement in your life is through giving and serving others. However, when we give of our time and resources for the good of others (whether we are close to them or not), we begin to have a greater perspective that is outside of ourselves. This brings fulfillment, purpose, and joy unlike anything else.

Well there you have it, 3 easy ways to incorporate excitement into your new year. We pray that this upcoming year may be one that you enjoy and remember for years to come.