Wow! Spring is in full swing in West Michigan and we are loving every minute of it! When the weather gets warmer it is a given that more tasks are being added to our lists which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated.

In this blog post, we would like to provide you with several categories of work that you may want to complete here this springtime that will leave your home feeling fresh and ready for the warm months ahead.

From Up to Down, Inside to Out

When it comes to deep cleaning, it’s easy to focus on the things we see and want to complete those tasks first. However, we would like to encourage you to take a step back and work smarter, not harder. What do we mean by this? Follow our rule “From Up to Down, Inside to Out” When cleaning a space, always deep clean from up to down and inside to out. That way, when dirt, dust, crumbs, and grime get cleaned out of a space and falls on the next surface, it’s a surface that needs to be cleaned next. It’s systematic and efficient.

One of our favorite results of this system is it also tackles the unseen spaces first (which usually are the dirtiest) and then works it’s way to the areas that stand out to you the most.

Make a List of Big Items that Need TLC

Our next tip to add to your springtime checklist is to make a list of BIG items that need some extra TLC. Does your couch need a deep clean? Do your floors need to be hand-washed? Do your towels and linens need to be stripped? Focusing on your big items that may need an extra dose of TLC allows you to prioritize what needs to be focused on first.

Switch One Thing in Each Room

Our next tip is not necessary, but extremely effective in creating a new feel for your space. Instead of feeling pressure to change a room completely, consider changing one thing about each room. This can be furniture placement, a throw pillow, decor, or even how a space is organized. When you have a room-by-room approach, the work feels feasible and will result in your spaces feeling new again.

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