Do you feel as though there is a list mile-long for projects that need to be done, but are not sure where to begin? We get it because we have felt that way too. However, when you approach your home improvement projects with a strategic plan, not only can you anticipate the projects with excitement, but you can also do the projects in an order and timeline that works best for you, the project, and your budget.

Step 1: List Out All Upcoming Projects

You can never make a good plan without thinking through things with a broadened perspective. Before you begin researching paint colors, home improvement stores, or how often to pump out your septic tank, simply write out all your foreseen upcoming projects. These can be simple ones, and expensive. Write it all out.

Once you have completed this, write a 1. For Low Priority, 2. For Medium Priority, 3. For Hot Priority.

Step 2: Research the Hot Priority Projects

Come up with a game plan for your hot-priority projects in an order that makes sense for the well-being of you, your family, and your home. Research contractors, call for pricing, and budget what is doable for you and get it done.

Step 3: Evaluate Medium to Low Priority Projects

For medium to low-priority projects, we suggest following the same flow completed for hot priorities but combining both of these categories. Why is this necessary? Well, often certain projects are better to be completed before others. Combining both of these allows you to have a doable list to tackle and come up with a timeline that is effective for the projects you are hoping to do. We would imagine that you wouldn’t want to have your air ducts cleaned and then fill up the house with construction dust when you do your kitchen remodel in the fall.

Step 4: Schedule It Out

Now that you have a good idea of your projects and the needs that pertain to each, we highly recommend grabbing a calendar and sketching out a timeline for your upcoming projects. This allows you to practically know when you need to contact your contractor, purchase materials, or have your final decisions made.

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