Have you ever been asked the question what is your style? This is a common question to various topics, including our taste in designing a home. Your style portrays your personality, priorities, and interests. Many choose their style in what they see out of design magazines or on HGTV. However, we’d like to encourage you to think out of the box today by giving 3 ways to determine your style, not a style that is found in a magazine.

Color Preferences

Color expresses emotion. Color tells a story. Color is a wonderful way to display your style throughout your home by paint choices, the color of cabinets, accent pieces and decor. What color palette do you gravitate towards? Do you like white and airy neutrals or bright and bold colors? Do you go for earthy tones or bright, warm ones? We all gravitate towards certain colors and it’s important to distinguish what we like the most and what repels us. When you know the palette that speaks to you most, you’ll be able to have a greater understanding of how you’d like to express your story throughout your home.

Accent Preferences

Now that you have an idea of color, let’s touch base on accents. An accent can be anything from a couch or chair, to throw pillows and a blanket. Accents add texture and character to your space. A couple of things to keep in mind with accents as they can are unique, but should have some consistency to them throughout your home. A few of our favorite accents are classic rod iron, custom furniture from Lakeshore Custom Cabinets, and home plants.

Your Story

After the color and accent decorations have been decided, the final thing to add to your home is your story. What do we mean by your story? Your space must display you. This can be done by adding picture frames, decorations of sentimental value, and paintings that remind you of a special memory. It’s crucial that this step isn’t forgotten when choosing your style for a space. This last step ensures your space is YOURS and that it feels like home the second you enter it.

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