Overwhelming is an understatement for the feelings that come when you think about a big renovation you’ve always dreamed about. Renovations can be daunting in the sense of the prep and cleaning, the finances, or simply the process from start to finish. Oftentimes renovations can have a snowball effect on other updates that need to be done and it can be tempting to just put the idea aside and just forget about it. In this blog post, we are here to provide you with three helpful tips on a renovation.

Know Your Budget

It is critical before you begin dreaming of home renovations to know the amount you are willing to put towards the update or upgrade. Not only is it important to be realistic in what material and labor costs are, but it’s important to know what you as a family can accomplish. Why does this really matter? Well, chances are if you are dreaming of updating your carpet, the question will come up should I repaint the wall and what about the furniture and the list goes on. If from the start you understand what dollar price range you are willing to put towards a given project, this will guide you as the questions come up.

Know Your Priorities

Many times we feel pressure by HGTV, peers, or magazines that we need an updated…fill in the blank. Often we feel this pressure but are content with what we have in a space and yet choose to update that given space instead of what is important to us. That is why it’s important to know what your priorities are in the renovation timeline. Sit down and write out a list of the projects you’d like completed. List the projects in the order in which you’d like to see them come through. For example, if you feel pressure to update your kitchen and yet would rather have an updated porch or landscape, consider completing your first priority, first.

Know Your Long-Term Plan

Unfortunately, it’s common to find families begin updating something in their home and lose motivation to finish it which leads many home renovations half-done. The problem with this is, not only do you feel like you’re living in the middle of Fixer Upper. If the time comes where you’d like to sell your home, no project of value is completed in its entirety which doesn’t increase the resale value of your home. Our recommendation here is to update in chunks as if it’s the last renovation you’ll do. This allows for consistency throughout the home and flexibility if the time ever comes to move to another home.

We Specialize in Renovations

Did you know that we specialize in renovating spaces or adding on to your home? Our team of experts would love to come alongside you and make the process seamless, enjoyable, and timely so that you can enjoy your dream. We would love to meet with you and see how we can make this happen. Visit our contact page here and we will get in contact with you soon.