Does your home feel like it’s lacking a theme? Many times our homes can feel scattered and not uniformed when we have pieces of furniture and accents from multiple decades in one room. Not only can it feel like our home doesn’t portray our style and interests, but it can also feel unorganized as well. In this blog post, we are here to provide three ways of unifying your accents to give your home an overarching theme you’re proud of.

Wood & Metal Accents

Wood and metal accents are usually one of the big culprits in a space for lacking a theme. Do you have multiple pieces of wood furniture that are all different colors or types of wood? This can many times make a space feel uninviting and mismatched. In addition, pay attention to the metal accents (or lack thereof) you’re using. Are you using brushed nickel, gold, or black rod iron? If you would like your space to stand out and feel like it is all meant to go together, it means there needs to be a continuing wood color and metal accent throughout (if you choose to have one). For example, if you like a black rod iron accent, consider your wall art, end tables, and lamps being that color and material.


Another key component to making your accents and room blend nicely are the decorations you use. Do your decorations go together or do they seem random? Do your picture frames, pots for plants, and pillows add or take-away from the space?  It’s very common to make the wrong move here and spend too much time focused on the big pieces that we forget the small decorations portray a story and theme as well. When decorating your space, remember less is more. Also, use shapes and colors to your advantage. Have an accent chair that has 3 colors throughout? Incorporate those colors into your decoration, artwork and throughout the space. This will give you a continuous theme and style that you’re sure to love.


This is the final and one of the most overlooked ideas in regards to decorating with accents. Many times, we receive various decorations and knick-knacks from those we love and yet they can often take away from the style you dream of having. Did your grandma give you a ceramic cow figurine that you have displayed for years and yet it doesn’t seem to go for your bright and colorful living room palette? Consider your decorations currently, see what is the overall consistency of the items and see if there is a big piece of wall art that could incorporate all of them.

Need More than a New Accent?

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