This year has been one-of-a-kind. It has been a year of growth, daily rhythms altered, and unknowns oftentimes too overwhelming for words. We don’t know about you, but it seems that this year has exposed how comfortable we can become with the comfortable and not yearning for true restoring hope. In this blog post, we are here to encourage your heart and give strength to your spirit. Choosing Joy is a deliberate act of the will that is outside of our circumstances. When Joy is chosen, it makes our world a different place. 

Choosing Joy means looking past the difficult.

Happiness is contentment in the present. Joy is contentment in the journey. As we seek to implement Joy in our lives, we mustn’t seek fulfillment in the here and now, but Joy in the journey and outcome. This year has been nothing short of complicated but Joy can still be found! When going through a difficult time, choosing Joy does not mean we look past hard times. Despite it, we will deliberately choose Joy in the here and now and cling to the eternal hope of Christ that is coming.

Choosing Joy means having a holistic perspective.

In our instant gratification world, it is easy for us to think short-term instead of long-term. However, when we focus on the present circumstance, we oftentimes lose perspective. When we choose Joy, our perspective can be accurate to the current circumstance. This perspective allows us to use our energy where it is needed because we can pace ourselves.

Choosing Joy is contagious for those around you.

Have you ever noticed when you’re around someone Joyful, it almost always rubs off on you? Joy is a contagious fruit of the spirit that affects those with whom you come into contact. Not only are we portraying Jesus well when we choose Joy, but we are also setting a good example for those around us. Joy is most evident in the Christian life when tragedy and difficulty come because Joy shows us where our hope is. 

As the holiday season approaches, we encourage you to choose Joy! It may not feel natural or be easy, but it is a decision that we choose daily, regardless of our circumstances. Here at SW Builders, we hope that you and your loved ones choose Joy this holiday season as we celebrate our Savior’s birth.