Wow! What a year. 2020 has been nothing short of unpredictable. Even though this year has been what none of us would have imagined or chosen, what a unique opportunity this has been to learn and grow through times of uncertainty. As human beings, we all long for environments that feel safe and secure to us. When that security is taken away, we can feel scared, frustrated, or simply just confused. Regardless of where 2020 has brought you, we are here to provide our top 5 things we have learned in 2020.

The Importance of a Strong Community

We are made for community. We are social creatures. We need each other. These truths remain constant, regardless of a pandemic. As the pandemic took over our schedules and social calendars, it was easy to see how much we need and rely on a strong community of loved ones. As social gatherings were canceled, we began seeing video calls and digital communications increase. This shows the value of community we all sense deep in our souls. Never take for granted or neglect the opportunity to spend time with a loved one. This time is precious and is of great value.

The Importance of Time

Tick, tock, tick, tock. The second-hand goes around the clock face. Do the sounds of a clock seem to go quickly or very slow to you? If we are being honest, our perception of time has felt off during 2020. Regardless of if the hands seem to go slow or quickly, we can all agree that our view of time has changed this year. This year has shown us the importance of time with loved ones, the importance of time spent on hobbies, and rest. What a great reminder of how valuable time is and an excellent opportunity to evaluate how we are truly using it.

The Importance of Contentment

In times of uncertainty, we often go back to our roots, the heartbeat of who we are as people. Contentment is a virtue, an act, an intentional choice. When so much felt taken away or put on pause this year, we were given opportunities to find contentment in the here and now. This all looked different for each of us, but the end result still was the same. When we learn to be content in the small, mundane things of life, we are able to even more greatly appreciate the significant milestones and blessings that do come.

The Importance of Hobbies

Did you pick up a new hobby this year? Were you able to dust off a book you’ve meant to finish and finally made it through? Did you pull out your Grandma’s cookbook and make a favorite family recipe? 2020 has given us the time to be able to invest in ourselves in a new way. It has given us time to sit back and see new skills we would like to incorporate into 2021.

The Importance of Hope

Finally, and most importantly, this year has shown us the importance of hope. Throughout our country and world, we have seen how those with hope outside of our circumstances are able to thrive and grow despite the difficulty that surrounds all of us. Ultimately that hope comes from a personal relationship with God and the opportunity to look forward to a new future when all will be made right. Covid-19 might have taken away our routines and conveniences, but it will never take away our eternal hope.

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